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Photo 1-11-16, 10 35 49 pm
Photo 1-11-16, 10 26 27 pm
Photo 1-11-16, 10 28 36 pm
Photo 1-11-16, 10 33 16 pm
Photo 2-11-16, 12 14 10 am
Brown Emily Prototype Side View
Brown Emily Prototype 3Q View 2
Brown Emily Prototype 3Q View 1


The hairdryer project was first and foremost an exercise in designing to meet the needs of a target market. Secondly, it was about product styling in keeping with an existing brand. Men were chosen as the target market and research was conducted to identify the wants and needs of males who are existing hairdryer users.


The persona created for this product was a male in his mid 20's who is busy travelling and having fun while also caring about his appearance and taking selfies to post on social media.


The branding for this product was predominantly based on the Polaroid Snap camera which is the most recent Polaroid product. The iconic red button and stripe featured in the original camera designs but was given a fresh look and feel in this product.
It was important that the product is very simple to use, quite literally a point and shoot.

The switches are designed so that they stay set from the last use so that those who don't wish to change the setting often can simply press the on/off button. This type of simple switch is often used on Polaroid cameras for light meter and focus settings. 

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