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The lunar appliance family were inspired by the theme of outer space. Drawing connections to NASA and the realm of science fiction, their unique style allows them to be at home on any planet.


The first of the series is the Lunar Iron featuring the characteristic pointed dome shape based on the NASA Lunar Lander. The Water tank is made of formed plastic and can be removed for refilling. The buttons, accessories and sole plate all have a chrome finish, allowing them to reflect their surroundings. The buttons on all models are symmetrical for use by left and right handed people.


The other appliances in the series are the Lunar Mixer and Vacuum. While these two designs are derived from the Iron, their very different uses mean that their shape and functions are also very different. The body of the Mixer is predominantly at the front of the appliance because it needs to rotate the blades below.


The vacuum features a removable tank much like the iron for waste disposal and is more linear in shape to allow it to maneuver into small areas.


The Mixer and Vacuum both feature a slide control to increase and decrease power. Both also have a boost button for additional control. All of the models have a release button, on the Iron and Vacuum it slides in and releases the tank. On the Mixer the release button allows the blades to slide out. The Iron heat controls are back lit when in use. The arrow like shape of the buttons indicate that the temperature goes up.

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